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Review – The Daily Orbit


The MCC theatre department is currently presenting Rodgers and Hammerstein’s iconic 1943, musical “Oklahoma” directed by Tracy Williams. The musical is based on the Lynn Riggs 1931 play “Green Grow the Lilacs.” “Oklahoma” was conceived by the Theater Guild, a New York City theater company that adapted Riggs’ play to a musical format. Prior to “Oklahoma,” acting and music were only combined in the variety shows. It was Roger and Hammerstein’s first work together and opened to a large success in 1943. The theater department’s production was executed flawlessly and brought the rustic, campy feel of Oklahoma to life for the audience.

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Ruby’s Diner: Oceanside Landmark Eatery

What can one say about the Oceanside Ruby’s at the end of the iconic local pier. Nostalgic and delicious may come to mind. If you are lucky enough to bring a date on a June day and the upstairs outside seating area is not too crowded you may call it perfection. However you feel about the long walk to and from the restaurant everyone knows it as an Oceanside must do.

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Radium Girls Shine Through in Moving Performance

On Saturday I took in a powerful matinee performance of Melanie Marnich’s “These Shining Lives” directed by faculty member Eric Bishop. Set against the backdrop of the roaring 1920’s in the time of the newly independent factory working woman. The production is the true story of the Radium girls, Catherine Donahue, Charlotte Purcell, Pearl Payne and Francis O’Connell who lived and worked in Ottawa Illinois, at the Radium Dial Company. Over the course of the time between the mid 1920’s to the 1930’s the women come to realize the radium they had been working with daily has given them terminal bone cancer.

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Theater Department Breathes Life into Romeo and Juliet

“A plague upon both your houses” Last Friday I took in opening night of the Theatre Department’s production of Shakespeare’s immortal Romeo and Juliet. The production directed by faculty member Tracy Williams, was a departure from what one thinks when seeing a play written circa 1590s. I found it quite inspiring to see young actors bring the comedy Shakespeare implies in act one, to the modern stage.

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