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Essay – Page 2 – The Daily Orbit

We must not Turn a Blind Eye

In all of nature man is the most deadly creature. Although mankind has a great capacity for love and compassion, it is equally matched by its brutality and utter disregard for human life. No other species can set about on a calculated, systematic, eradication of a race or population. Whether it be for political reasons, racially motivated, or through religious warfare, acts of genocide have littered the landscape of our world’s history.

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To Chip or not to Chip

Imagine if you will, being locked out of your bank account or not being able to make the most basic purchases with cash. The, “all in one” micro-chip in your palm has been disabled due to nonpayment of mandatory quarterly fees. Your movements can also be monitored if you are suspected of breaking a law or for any other reason that the government feels it necessary.

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Win Lose or Draw: Tradeoffs of the Industrial Revolution

Man has always desired material and wealth, and greed has always existed. However, we have never seen humankind act the way it has over the last couple hundred years. Our species is capable of more calculated, malicious, and incomprehensible cruelty than any beast of the field or demon from a horror novel. This same desire for wealth and progress has led us to the destruction of our planet.

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Vernal Issues: San Diego in Jeopardy?

Vernal pools are seasonal depressional wetlands that occur under the Mediterranean climate conditions of the West Coast and glaciated areas of northeastern and midwestern states. They are covered by shallow water for variable periods from winter to spring, but may be completely dry for most of the summer and fall (Dexter n.pg). Although they seem small and insignificant, they are an important part of our region’s ecosystem. If continued development wipes out the Vernal pools, it will destroy ecosystems, lead to extinction of indigenous life, and forever alter California’s wetlands.

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Expressions: European colonization of the Americas

When Europeans landed and began to colonize in the Americas, the different European groups began to assert their power over the land and indigenous people; first the Spanish in the Caribbean and the majority of Latin America, the Portuguese in Brazil, and the British, French, and Dutch in the eastern parts of North America. They built new settlements and began looking for ways to use the natural resources of the land for their own gain.

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