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Rico found Love in Santa Isabel – The Daily Orbit

Rico found Love in Santa Isabel

Photo by David Rojas

Well, Santa Isabel had terrible service courtesy of Miss “Ice helper.” but at that point in my caffeine buzz, I was full of ideas and energy. I was thinking about the shift in my psyche over the last 24. We had all gotten a much needed creative battery charge from finding the talents in others.

Twenty-six hours before we had set out the 78 for Julian, for an overnight training marathon thanks to my writing teacher Janis. This woman finds the most romantic lodgings. She lives completely out of the box when it comes to travel. Sheets of rain dumped on us our first hour there at the Julian Cafe. The weather let us get into Julian but kept us inside for our usually active team building exercises. We did get to turn more nuts and bolts on writing craft than we usually do. The lessons were symbiotic with the atmosphere provided by our rustic lodgings

Adobe and I became comfortable with Rico inside the first 10 minutes of the trip. Most of the drive we talked shop about lenses, video editing, and Photo Raw. We got into town And did a refresher on AP style at the Julian Library until our rooms were ready. We got into writing straight news that evening and found out that Leticia could write showed us Jimmy Pics is a wise man but a big kid when it comes to game time. Jimmy really wanted that final prize. Dinner was delicious and the fireside conversation felt like home. Adobe made a Baconesque connection to Jimmy and Leticia family. Leticia and Janis got to talk like strong women sharing sage life experiences. Last night will be an evening that will rest in my head until the reaper comes for my cowbell.

Breaking the lights out rule, and having a slumber party with Jimmy and Rico was a much-needed boost of testosterone for

Photo by David Rojas

me. It felt great to see to strangers become friends while talking about their passion for photography; made me excited about my own skill set again

The ride down Mother Nature once spared and gave us to time to get off the mountain before we hit the 78 west. The rain dumped like a motherfucker for the 20 minutes we headed west. We dropped off our new friend/teammate at his families cellular repair shop exactly halfway between Adobe and me, so we finished the rainy afternoon in my living room with a little coffee and piano guitar sing along with Belinda. Abode left to go visit her little percussionist and I started writing this memoir.

Mulford Jeremy

Musician/writer Editor at Chariot News.com

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