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A Few Drunk Thoughts – The Daily Orbit

A Few Drunk Thoughts

Whatever you’re reaction is to the 2016, Presidential Elections are, we must all agree something is amiss in our political system. The first  is obvious. Neither candidate is a suitable choice to lead the free world. Egomaniac or war criminal. These are your choices for Commander in Chief.

Now, let’s look a tad  bit deeper than the blind rage of the common Murican shall we? The Murican public has been duped by captain obvious. With the 18-35 demographic Bernie could have beaten The Red Barron in this race and we would have a gleam of hope. Bernie was ahead of Trump in the primaries and have would have just gained more momentum. But………… The DNC fears change

Let’s not play guilty, or not guilty here, and I don’t have any data on this  but if someone even has a question of erased emails tied to dead Americans, than they are a flawed candidate for that  seat in the government. #The DNC picked the wrong horse. 

Next, is it not clear that the debates  are a fucking joke. How is defamation of character a presidential trait, and I’m not just talking about The Donald. Secretary Clinton’s camp did their fair amount of shit talking. They were not just so New YORK about the whole thing. When we implement a better electoral system debates should be done away with. Politicians are clearly not mature enough to play nice in the sandbox.

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroywhite-houseed ourselves,” said some guy I forget his name but he wore a top-hat………Slash maybe?

 It is time folks, if the answer for a change in our system is not met in four years than we have to run checks and balances on our government. I won’t say what that is supposed to mean but read the Constitution and make up your own mind.    

Sincerely -Someone who may be wrong about the whole thing. 

Mulford Jeremy

Musician/writer Editor at Chariot News.com

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