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Elephant Donkey Throw Down – The Daily Orbit

Elephant Donkey Throw Down

This election is a particularly grim shit show. People are clearly unhappy. We need a change in our election system. And that change should be the Rank Voting System. Voters would, essentially, pick their favorite to least favorite candidate regardless of party affiliation. This method could give Americans a chance of electing a candidate that didn’t make them choke on democracy.


“Imagine a process where in the Primary Phase we set a relatively modest threshold for a candidate to be eligible. Like most high-level private sector jobs, candidates would have to submit a detailed resume, complete a job application questionnaire, authorize an independent unbiased third party background check, go through a mandatory and comprehensive interview process (all publicly available, conducted by publicly elected interviewers), and for a position like President of the United States, it would require a petition of say 0.5 percent registered US voters to be eligible for the Primary Phase,” said John Alden, local musician and author of “A Better Democracy.” Candidates would be more thoroughly scrutinized.  In the current system, immigrants must pass a more rigorous vetting than someone who might become the leader of the free world.

The election process would play out like this: For six to eight weeks after all candidates threw their hats in the ring, each candidate would present their platform in commercials, videos, printed word and selected social media platforms. Each candidate would then be interviewed by a panel of elected “unbiased moderators” on the same questions simultaneously, in the same building, in different rooms. These panels will be viewed by the American public directly afterwards. During the last week of the primaries, voters would make their choice of candidates, first to last.

Results would be announced as soon as the selections are tallied. If you’re first choice does not make the cut, you’re second choice becomes your

first. This process repeats itself all the way down the line nationally. Then after the primary the process repeats until one of the candidates hits 50 percent.

Let’s get this this system in place four years from now. This candidate selection system could wipe out good percentage of the Democrat vs. Republican-bickering-nonsense simply based on the fact that the election process would be over before tempers overheat and candidates make asses out of themselves. Mudslinging of any kind would result in instant disqualification. Make them run and win on their own merit not because of the size of their bombastic bravado. Is it just me or is this starting to make sense?

Just think of all the money government and taxpayers would save on DNC and RNC convention costs such as $10,000 for balloons.  Rank voting would end a lot of dirty politics, save the taxpayers and the government billions and appease our obviously unhappy American public. It is time to change this two party system. Here is a novel idea–why don’t we fix our country by giving the people their vote back?


Mulford Jeremy

Musician/writer Editor at Chariot News.com

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