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To Chip or not to Chip – The Daily Orbit

To Chip or not to Chip

cropped-cropped-tech-advances-dance-music.jpgImagine if you will, being locked out of your bank account or not being able to make the most basic purchases with cash. The, “all in one” micro-chip in your palm has been disabled due to nonpayment of mandatory quarterly fees. Your movements can also be monitored if you are suspected of breaking a law or for any other reason that the government feels it necessary. Gone are the days of personal freedoms or using cash to make purchases that you don’t want on record. All of your legal documentation such as driver’s licenses, state identification, social security numbers, passports, banking account numbers, and medical information are kept on a convenient little chip implanted in your palm. You now live in a society where everything can be monitored and even listened to. It seems as though free will is a thing of the past, like a horse drawn carriage, or Albums on vinyl. Mandatory microchipping of human beings is a perilous idea because it will endanger our personal freedoms, require us to have it to access our banking, and if it malfunctions will be catastrophic to our health and personal lives.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is the use of a small microchip to store data, track locations of an item or living thing as well. As read in the article “Integrated Circuit” these devices were developed mostly for use in computers and in the defense industry since the 1960s. Since the 1990s they have been used for many other applications as well (Brock pg.559-563). Micro-chips are currently used to track packages, our pets, and even violent criminals in some cases. In the case of implanting on human beings, it is a quick simple process. All it requires is a small injection under the skin to implant a device that is the size of a grain of rice. There is talk already about using these chips on soldiers in war zones for safety reasons, and also some unsupported myths about using them for the health care system. It would be very easy to log important data like blood type, diabetes status, and insurance information as well. Micro-chips have been around for many years being used in computers and many other electronic devices. As of recent they are becoming small enough to implant in living organisms with minimal risk of toxic shock syndrome. This technology is a very easy convenient one in many ways, but can also be used in a controlling manner as well. This fact ties into the subject matter we are covering this term, because it deals with personal freedoms and freedom of choice. This is an important issue for people to be aware of, because it will definitely become a major one of controversy in the years to come. “To chip or not to chip” this will become the question.

The United States of America was founded on the idea that we would enjoy liberty and personal freedoms. As our civilization has progressed a strange thing has happened. The process of documenting our citizens has become more meticulous with every passing decade. According the Social Security.gov site the Social Security Administration was an institution which did not even exist till August 14, 1935 and the US Postal service issued the first numbers in 1936 (www.ssa.gov n.pg). This issued number is now required to enroll in school, and apply for employment, and really all other legal documentation. Being in possession of a State ID is also required by law, with the newest ones being micro-chipped. The next logical step is human micro-chipping, which no doubt will become mandatory like the SSN or State ID card. Once mandatory chipping is in place most people will be blissfully unaware just how much freedom they have lost. It will be a convenient way to keep all their legal information in one safe place. This, however, will give our governing powers complete control over all documented citizens. They will be able to track and identify us any time, any place, and for any reason. This is definitely not the vision our founding fathers had in mind for our free nation.

Micro-chipped banking technology is already here now. As a Bank of America customer myself, I know that they are the first that that is now offering a micro-chipped banking cards instead of the conventional magnetic strip kind. As far as fraud it is not as easy to read to chip for criminals as the conventional magnetic strip kind. John Sykes a teller at Bank of America pointed out that even though the new cards will still have magnetic strips, it will be much harder for criminals to make fraudulent cards with the added chip feature. It will add a whole new level of complexity to our banking card (Sykes n. pg). So why not do away our current paper monetary system? Why not move from micro-chipped bank card to a small (RFID) system implanted in our hands? Many are now saying that this is the next logical and safer route to go. But when this change is implemented and cash-money is done away with every single transaction will be on record. You can call it paranoia, but it will thrust us into a “Big Brother like” monitored society. Under the disguise of safety and convenience it is another way for the powers that be to monitor our every move. Needless to say this technology is convenient but worrisome.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology is becoming very advanced indeed and used for a myriad of things, but if our all in one system failed it would be catastrophic to our personal lives.  As we know, all advanced technology is fallible. Our computers and cellphones crash often  and we lose tons of valuable data. With all the logistical complications that our civilization is set up with: banking cards, IDs, passports, a card for this, a card for that, we already feel completely lost if any one of these items turns up missing. If they were all a micro-chip combo-pack implanted in us, there are many things that can go wrong. For one, corrosion of the chip itself could render it useless, toxic shock syndrome to the human body, or just a defective design to name a few things. The organic compounds in our bodies could very well damage the device. If the system was to go down we would in essence have no identity; a horse with no name, a deleted number, a man without a country.

These losses of personal freedoms and mandatory microchipping will cause a problem with the mental health of already sick people. According to the International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences nearly one percent of our entire population suffers from Paranoid Schizophrenia. It as well is considered to be one of the world’s most debilitating diseases (Darity pg.344-346). People that suffer from this disease are already known to have issues with delusions of governmental control. A practice such as mandatory microchipping would exacerbate this issue. It would validate their delusions and contribute to their pre-existing condition.

With mandatory microchipping of humans there could be other health risks besides that of the mental variety. According to an article by Todd Lewan on Omeopatia.org the FDA states that the implant technology is safe. What it does not mention that in various toxicology studies dating back to the 1990s is that it caused malignant tumors in a small percentage of lab mice. Tumors were detected in 4.1 percent of lab mice. Although the researchers’ were not looking for this data it was found incidentally (Lewman. n.pg). Even though it’s a small percent it has raised red flags among professionals in the healthcare field. With all the cancer causing agents we are exposed to on a daily basis, is it wise to be implanted and stack the cards against you further. If there is even an outside chance of microchip implants causing cancer or toxic shock these implants should not be considered for use on the masses.

With mandatory microchipping becoming the all in one system that all of our personal and banking information stored on it will make identity theft a violent and downright gruesome crime. As with all technological advances, criminals as well will step up their game. They will develop ways to read the microchip implants and extract the information from them. Common street thugs will become violent cyber hackers. Much like the scary world of illegal organ harvesting, criminals will go after people’s implants. This is a scary thought because unlike organ harvesting, cutting a small implant out of someone’s hand would be a very quick and easy process. It will kick the common mugging up a notch or two. According to New York crime statistics, there were 16,539 robberies in 2014 (NYC.gov n.pg). These already violent crimes would take an alarming turn if these criminals were after implants embedded in a hand or finger. There would be a rash of “cut and grab” muggings that would escalate as criminals became more technology savvy, and able to manipulate the chips. It would be a very scary thought to know that instead of a purse or wallet snatch and grab, that they would be after something embedded in the hand or forearm.

As a free people a mandatory practice such as micro-chipping should never be implemented. We should have the right to chose if implanting our body’s is something that we are comfortable doing especially if it goes against our personal beliefs. A system such as micro-chipping our physical beings will leave us a society bound hands and feet in cyber shackles. If this method of ID systems is imposed mandatorily upon us we will indeed no longer be a free people. Our country as we know it will be dismantled from the inside out. “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves”(Abraham Lincoln n.pg.) Bible theologians refer to micro-chipping as the mark of the beast Revelations 13:17 “They no longer could buy or sell unless they had the mark”. Whether you are a bible theologian, or a conspiracy theorist, there is a common thread here of control over the masses. Microchipping humans will rip apart our free nation, and allow our private records to become public property. With this technology looming right on our horizon the question we should ask is; to chip or not to chip.                              -Jeremy Mulford

Mulford Jeremy

Musician/writer Editor at Chariot News.com

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