Berners March on DNC Convention

July 2016   DEBBIE WHITE – On location Correspondent /Jeremy Mulford in the studio

72997d_efe659c803174fe2b66a5119c2fc0bce-mv2Yesterday the Democratic National Conventions began in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There were thousands who marched in the Bernie or Bust rallies. Slogans like, “Hell no DNC we won’t vote for Hillary,” were chanted. Following the march to Wells Fargo Center (where the DNC is being held) several groups formed at FDR Park in a rally for the Green Party candidate Jill Stein. If the Green Party receives five percent of the popular vote, the party can become a recognized party by the government and receive funding for future elections.

 Yesterday at the Occupy DNC event in Philadelphia, there was a stage with an open mic for people to share why they do not support Hillary Clinton.  A candlelight vigil was to be held last night at FDR Park for The Death of the Democratic Party. The vigil was cancelled due to storms on the east coast. 

This morning, the march was stopped outside the Wells Fargo Center. Police officers blocked the streets with large steel barricades on horseback.

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